(April 13, 2007) New York, New York - The Sikh Coalition announced the launch of its Library Project today.   The goal of the Library Project is to place a package of 10 books and 2 DVDs on Sikhs and Sikh issues in every library in North America. Ultimately, the initiative seeks to combat bias with education.


The period since September 11, 2001 has seen a great increase in bias against Sikhs.  While hundreds of Sikhs took action to combat this bias, to this day the Sikh community continues to endure serious forms of discrimination. Over the past five years the Sikh community has addressed these issues uncompromisingly, advocating for the preservation of the Sikh identity with legal might and political relationships.  Our work, however, has been reactive. The time has arrived for our community to be proactive and educate our neighbors on Sikhs and Sikh practices.

The Library Project is Born

Over the past year and one-half, the Sikh Coalition reviewed over 50 DVD and book titles.  The Coalition then chose and ordered nine book titles and two DVDs from around the world.  The books cover topics such as Sikh history, doctrine and beliefs, and Sikhs in the diaspora.  They provide a complete and balanced view of our community and our issues.  Today on Vaisakhi Day, we are calling on all Sikhs to sponsor at least one package of ten books and 2 DVDs for their local library as part of the Library Project.

The Library ProjectBooks and

DVD Package

Lets Make Sure Every Library Has Accurate and Balanced Information on Sikhs:

Sponsor a Package For Your Library Today

Kevin Lee,Dastaar (2006). Video on DVD

Retail Price: $25

Ali Kazmi,Continuous Journey (2004). Video on DVD

Retail Price: $20

Susan Stronge, The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms, London: The Victoria & Albert Museum, 1999

Retail Price: $70

Patwant Singh,The Sikhs. New Delhi: Rupa and Co., 2006

Retail Price: $19

Jagjit Singh,Percussions of History: The Sikh Revolution; In the Caravan of Revolutions. SAS Nagar: The Nanakshahi Trust, 2006

Retail Price: $30

Daljeet Singh and Kharak Singh, eds.,Sikhism: Its Philosophy and History. SAS Nagar: Institute of Sikhs Studies, 1997

Retail Price: $50

Kapur Singh,Sikhism For the Modern Man.Amritsar: Guru Nanak Dev University, 2006 [1992]

Retail Price: $10

Cynthia Keppley Mahmood, Fighting for Faith and Nation, Dialogues with Sikh Militants.Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1996

Retail Price:$22.50

Jaskaran Kaur,Twenty Years Of Impunity: The November 1984 Pogroms of Sikhs in India, 2nd Ed. Portland, OR: Ensaaf, 2006

Retail Price: $10

I.J. Singh, The World According to Sikhi. Toronto: Centennial Foundation, 2006

Retail Price:$20

Patwant Singh,Garland Around My Neck. New Delhi: UBS Publishers, 2001

Retail Price:


Huge Discount to Encourage Sikhs to Order Book Packages for Libraries

If you were to buy each of the books and DVDs separately from bookstores or online outlets, the retail price would be $313.45.  Because we are committed to ensuring that these books are placed in libraries across North America, the total package cost for these ten books and two DVDs is $165.  This is our out-of-pocket cost for books and for shipping charges.  This does not include our in office labor costs.   We have made a decision to absorb our labor costs in order to keep the price as low as possible for community members. We really do care about making sure these books are in every library.

Importance of the Project

Over the long term, education is the best way to ensure a safe environment for the Sikh way of life. Sikhs know that once people understand our faith, they will embrace Sikhs as people who stand for equality, justice, and human rights for all. Please do you part today by sponsoring a package for your local library. We hope that in the coming years every library in North America will have books on Sikhs and Sikh practices.

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