A Year of Victories:

Vaisakhi 2006 to Vaisakhi 2007



Harvard Returns Kirpan

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First Sikhs Elected in New York City

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NJ School May Be Held Liable for Failing to Protect Sikh Child

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1,600 Non-Sikhs Participate in 2nd Annual Essay Competition

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Satnam Singh's Kesh is Spared

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EEOC Rules in Favor of Sukhvir Kaur

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6,800 Visit Wing Luke Sikh Exhibit

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Over 10,000 "The Sikhs" Brochures Distributed

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Dear Friends,

As we approach Vaisakhi, the Sikh Coalition joins the world-wide Sikh community in celebrating the birth of the Khalsa.  

We also congratulate our community on the huge strides we have collectively made in the arena of civil rights.  Today, we ask for your tax-deductible financial support so we can continue to move forward.

As you can see from the l ist of victories on your right, our work resolves around ensuring that Sikhs can freely maintain the wonderful articles of faith given to us on Vaisakhi day.

Indeed the year since Vaisakhi 2006 has been filled with victories for the Panth.  Whether it is the first ever election of Sikhs to elected office in New York City, the success of the Diversity Essay Competition, or Harvard reversing course and allowing a Sikh student to carry his kirpan, the Coalition continues to defend Sikh interests and advocate for the rights of all Sikhs.

Everyday we fight to ensure Sikhs may freely maintain the Sikh way of life.   We hope you will join us on that journey and help us institutionalize our work by giving to our recurring donations campaign.

All contributions to the Sikh Coalition are fully tax deductible. We look forward to your continued support.


Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh!



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