April 2, 2008

Reader comment on Newsday discussion board, August 29, 2007

"Why doesn't he just sit down and shut up. Doesn't he know he's from the middle east. a-hole."
Comment board, Hoboken 411, February 11, 2008.

We have a very long struggle on our hands.

As we all know, the Sikh Coalition over the past year has built a staff that includes three attorneys and at times utilizes more than a dozen legal volunteers, to fight case after case.

But that is not only where the future lies. Our future lies with dispelling the stereotypes that lead to bias in the first place.

Help Us Combat Bias Through Education This Vaisakhi!

Contribute at least $10/month or $100 to receive a gift key chain and 10 glossy "The Sikhs" brochure

Our first step in addressing miseducation is to hire a full-time Education Director. Can you help us hire an Education Director to combat bias against Sikhs during this month of Vaisakhi?

We are calling on all our supporters to give $25, $50, $100 or better yet, a monthly recurring donation, to permanently fund the hiring of an Education Director for the Sikh Coalition.

Our new Education Director will work to combat discrimination through education. We believe that when our neighbors see a Sikh they should think great things and when our neighbors hear the word "Sikh" they should also think great things. It will be the Education Director's job to utilize teaching, advertising, and training to ensure that the world welcomes all Sikhs in their midst.

The time is long overdue. We need to start somewhere, and we need to start now:


"When traveling, can TSA make RAG-HEADS remove their rag like all travelers must remove their shoes?"
Viewer Comments, on LiveLeak.com, February 8, 2008

"They still let these people [Sikhs] on planes? Amazing."
Reader comment on Newsday discussion board, August 29, 2007

These words hurt. But we must not sit passively and endure this hate. We must actively work to change the hearts and minds of our neighbors. We must secure our right to live freely as Sikhs through education.

By contributing a few dollars a month, you will be doing your part to educate our society so that the joyous Sikh way of life is not the object of hate.

As a thank you, all donors who contribute at least $10/month or $100 during this month of Vaisakhi will receive a Sikh Coalition - Promote Education key chain as a gift along with 10 glossy, color "The Sikhs" brochures to promote the education of our neighbors.

Join us in this journey to ensure that the world knows and appreciates who we are! The future starts now:


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

The Sikh Coalition Board and Staff

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