It hurts to know...

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

Dear Supporter,

It hurts to know: Young Sikhs students are too often called names like ‘terrorist’, ‘potato-head’ and physically assaulted in school.

It hurts to know: People don’t know anything about Sikhs. As a result, we read words of bigotry instead of words of appreciation for our Sikhi.

It hurts to know: Sikhs are told they can’t be a car salesman, sales clerk,subway conductor, or a soldier because of their Sikhi.But YOU can make a difference. YOU can directly impact whether the world appreciates and respects Sikhs and Sikhi.

But did you know….
As a result of YOUR support, over 3 million public school students in Texas and New Jersey will learn about Sikhs in school over the coming years?If you want Sikhi taught in every classroom, please support our work today

But did you know…. As a result of YOUR support, lawsuits were filed againstAutoZone, a Lexus auto dealership, and the New York City Transit Authority to combat anti-Sikh bigotry in the workforce? If you want us to take on more of these cases, please support our work today:

But did you know…. As a result of YOUR support, for the first time in more than 20 years, this year the United States Army agreed to allow three Sikhs to serve while wearing their Dastaar? Don’t wait another moment. Give what you can today. Every dollar you give is matched so give generously!


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