Since 9/11, Sikhs have suffered unfair scrutiny at airports throughout the United States based on their religious appearance. The Sikh Coalition wants to end religious and ethnic profiling of Sikhs at American airports.

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Know Your Rights

November 27, 2013[Know Your Rights] FlyRights 2.0 Takes Flight
May 2, 2012National Acclaim for FlyRights App
April 29, 2012Sikh Coalition to Launch FlyRights - First Mobile App to Combat Racial Profiling
February 3, 2012TSA Concludes Racial Profiling Audit is Possible; Congresswoman Chu Renews Call for TSA Profiling Audit
December 1, 2011 Sikh Coalition Leads National Alliance Demanding TSA Audit
November 21, 2011Know Your Rights at the Airport
July 19, 2011Sikh Advocacy Groups Unite for Meeting with TSA Leadership
October 22, 2010Community Alert: Turbans to Always be Searched at Nation's Airports
June 17, 2010 Photos and Video from Historic Congressional Hearing
June 17, 2010Sikh Coalition to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee
April 2, 2010Coalition Welcomes TSA Rescission of 14 Country Security Directive
January 29, 2010Muslim, Arab, Sikh & South Asian American Community Leaders Welcome DHS Secretary Napolitano
January 8, 2010National Sikh Groups Warn of Profiling
August 2009Flying While Sikh, TSA Gets a Grade, Part 6
May 2009Flying While Sikh, TSA Gets a Grade Part 5
January 2009Flying While Sikh, TSA Gets a Grade Part 4
November 2008Flying While Sikh, TSA Gets a Grade Part 3
August 4, 2008Flying While Sikh, TSA Gets a Grade Part 2
May 2, 2008Flying While Sikh, TSA Gets a Grade
December 21, 2007Coalition Files 32 Separate Complaints with the TSA
November 17, 2007Will Thanksgiving Air Travel Embrace You or Disgrace You?
October 27, 2007 Flying While Sikh?: What You Need to Know as a Sikh Air Traveler
October 17, 2007 TSA Develops New Procedure for Screening Turbans at US Airports
October 10, 2007TSA Holds Community Meeting in Washington, Begins Responding to Some Concerns
September 25, 2007US Senators Also Weigh in on TSA Screening Policy
September 17, 2007Chairs of Congressional Committees Say No to Mandatory Turban Screening Policy in 2nd TSA Letter in One Week
September 13, 2007Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee Warns TSA Against Turban Screening Policy
September 12, 2007Sikh American Groups Meeting with TSA for a Second Time
September 7, 2007Action Alert: Contact Your U.S. Senators Immediately on the TSA Issue
September 5, 2007 Sikh's Turban Removed in Public and Placed Through Airport X-Ray Scanner
August 30, 2007TSA Head Contacts the Sikh Coalition
August 24, 2007Action Alert: Sign Community Petition to the TSA and Document Your Airport Turban Screening Experienc
August 22, 2007TSA Releases Statement on New Airport Screening Procedures
August 19, 2007Sikh Turbans Will be Subjected to Heightened Scrutiny at U.S. Airports



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