The Sikh Coalition's Advocacy Program promotes grassroots civic participation in the Sikh community and encourages policymakers at all levels of government to respect civil and human rights. We advocate for Sikh community interests through direct meetings with government officials, letter-writing campaigns, media engagement, congressional outreach, and publication of civil rights reports.


Equal Opportunity in the U.S. Armed Forces

Sikh Americans remain vulnerable to workplace discrimination, especially in the U.S. Armed Forces. The Sikh Coalition believes that all people deserve an equal opportunity to pursue self- fulfillment in any career they choose.
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Safe Schools for All Children

Weaknesses in state and federal law allow public schools to ignore the plight of Sikh American children who suffer bias-based bullying and harassment. The Sikh Coalition believes that all children should enjoy a safe and nurturing environment at school.


End Racial Profiling

Sikh Americans continue to experience racial and religious profiling, especially at American airports, because of their appearance. The Sikh Coalition believes that profiling based on suspect classifications is immoral and ineffective.



Stronger Hate Crime Tracking

In 2013, after a two-year campaign by the Sikh Coalition, and after the horrific August 2012 attack on a Sikh Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, the federal government agreed to expand hate crime tracking to include Sikhs and several other ethnic and religious minorities. Over time, better data collection will translate into better training and prevention.
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AB1964 – California

In 2012, the Sikh Coalition successfully sponsored AB1964, the California Workplace Religious Freedom Act, from introduction to passage. This legislation prohibits workplace segregation based on religion and provides workers in California with the nation’s strongest protection against religious discrimination.
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NYC Workplace Religious Freedom Act

In 2011, the Sikh led a successful effort to pass the Workplace Religious Freedom Act in New York City. This legislation makes it more difficult for employers in New York City to discriminate against workers based on their religion.
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Equal Opportunity for Oregon Teachers

In 2010, the Sikh Coalition rallied more than 10,000 supporters and numerous interfaith partners in support of repealing Oregon’s 87-year-old ban on religious dress for public school teachers.
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