Our Education Program seeks to create an environment through education where Sikhs may freely practice their faith and where people appreciate the presence of Sikhs in the community. We proactively fight bias and discrimination by spreading awareness about Sikhs. This program is responsible for creating and distributing presentations, videos, and print materials on Sikhs. It is also responsible for nationwide educational projects and coordinating numerous educational presentations in government agencies and schools.

Have an idea to spread awareness about Sikhism, please share!

Sikh Presenters Course

The Sikh Presenter’s Course is a 3-day series of workshops designed to train Sikh community members on how to deliver Sikh Awareness Presentations. The workshops are led coalition staff and a trained professional well versed in teaching individuals effective presentation and public speaking skills. Learn More »


Sikhism in the Classroom

Sikh Coalition is always working for inclusion of school curriculum standard that includes Sikhism. The Sikh Coalition has worked with the community to persuade states to adopt curriculum standards that include Sikhism. Learn More »


Diversity Video Competition

The purpose of the Diversity Video Competition is to provide the public a space in which they may engage in an artistic dialogue on civil rights issues, stereotypes, and myths surrounding minority groups.It is through this artistic dialogue that the Coalition wishes to help dissolve ignorance and spread awareness of discriminated minorities. Learn More »


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