Meet Your Winners!

Over 850 public votes were cast to determine the winner of this year's Diversity Video Competition! Gulshan Singh takes home first place with his film, "Let It Out". This film will be premiered at the Sikh Art and Film Festival in New York City next month. The second place winner is Jasleen Kaur with her film, "I Will Stand Up". The Sikh Coalition also wants to recognize David Woo for his compelling portrayal of "Neel", a victim of school bullying and has decided to award a third place prize of $250 to David Woo.

"Let it Out" By Gulshan Singh



First Place Winner ($1,000 grand prize)

Gulshan Singh is currently a freshman at the University of Michigan studying Engineering Physics. His interests include chess, philosophy, physics, computer programming, and kirtan. He also enjoys playing soccer, frisbee, and running.


"I Will Stand Up" by Jasleen Kaur


Second Place Winner ($500 grand prize)

Jasleen Kaur enjoys stirring the pot when there are already too many cooks. She hopes to discover a new spice that will revolutionize the future and let her take her rightful place in the world. But in the meanwhile, she'll settle for studying the world of film and making some rad videos for people to watch.


"Neel" by David Woo


altThird Place Winner ($250 grand prize)

David Woo grew up in the small,quiet suburbs just outside of Philadelphia, where he often found himself immersed in books and documentaries that later fueled his desire to travel and write.


Throughout his school experience, David flew to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Mexico, and Japan. All the meanwhile taking photos and meeting with strangers whose life and culture was vastly different from what he has seen. His love for traveling and storytelling became instrumental in his decision to become a photographer and filmmaker. David Woo is currently an international student at Temple University, Japan Campus, where he's studying Film and Photography.

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