New Jersey

The New Jersey State Board of Education (NJBOE) voted to adopt a statewide curriculum standard that includes Sikhism in September 2009. The adoption also marks the first time the Coalition has worked with the community to persuade a state to adopt curriculum standards that include Sikhism. Learn More »

New York

In another landmark education decision, the New York State Education Department has moved to include Sikhism in the Social Studies Framework for public school students. This Framework serves as the guide for local curriculum development. On the heels of the Texas textbook adoption, this marks the second monumental education victory for the Sikh community in weeks. Sikhism has never been included in the New York curriculum before.
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The Texas Board of Education voted to include information on Sikhs and Sikh practices in the state mandated curriculum for public school students in May 2010. This marks a significant victory for the Sikh community as Sikhs and Sikhi has never before been included in the state-wide curriculum. In 2011, Texas students will learn about Sikhs at three points during their public school education. Learn More »



After nearly six years of on-the-ground advocacy work led by the Sikh Coalition, the Texas Board of Education voted on Friday to approve textbooks that have corrected over 50 inaccuracies about the Sikh faith and its relationship to history. Learn More »

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