General Sikhism, Sikhs & Sikh History

  • Lost in History: 1984 Reconstructed
    Gunisha Kaur
    Sikh Spirit Foundation, San Antonio, TX, 2009
  • Spirit Born People
    Puran Singh
    Singh Brothers, Mai Sewan, Amritsar, Reprint 1997
  • Essays In Sikhism
    Principal Teja Singh
    Language Department, Patiala, Punjab 1988 (First published in 1944)
  • The Sikh Revolution
    Jagjit Singh
    Kendri Singh Sabha, New Delhi/Amritsar, Punjab, 1984 (First published 1981)
  • A Short History of the Sikhs, Volume One, (1469-1765)
    Teja Singh and Ganda Singh
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  • Spirit of the Sikhs
    Puran Singh
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  • Book of Ten Masters
    Puran Singh
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  • Spirit of the Oriental Poetry
    Puran Singh
    Punjabi University, Patiala
  • In the Caravan Of Revolutions
    Jagjit Singh
    Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh, 1988
  • Some Insights into Sikhism
    Sirdar Kapur Singh
    Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab, 1995 (1st Edition), 2000 (2nd Edition)
  • Parasparparasana
    Sirdar Kapur Singh
    Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab, 1972, 1982
  • Guru Nanak and His Thought
    Sirdar Kapur Singh
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  • Guru Arjan and His Sukhmani
    Sirdar Kapur Singh
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  • Sikhism and Six Hindu Systems
    Tarlochan Singh Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh,
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  • Turban and Sword of the Sikhs
    Tarlochan Singh Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh,
    Amritsar, Punjab, 1977
  • The Pilgrim’s Way
    B. P. L. Bedi
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  • The Sikh Religion, It’s Gurus, Sacred Writings and Authors (6 volumes)
    Max Arthur Macauliffe
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  • The Sikhs
    Patwant Singh
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  • The Sikhs in History
    Sangat Singh
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  • Heritage of the Sikhs
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  • Sikhism an Ecumenical Religion
    Sirdar Kapur Singh
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  • Sikhs and Sikhism, A View with a Bias (2nd Edition)
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  • The Sikh Way, A Pilgrim’s Progress
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  • Being and Becoming a Sikh
    I.J. Singh
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  • The Singh Sabha and other Socio-Religious Movements In the Punjab (1850-1925)
    Edited by Ganda Singh
    Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, 3rd Edition 1997
  • Life of Banda Singh Bahadur
    Ganda Singh
    Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, 1999
  • Early Sikh Scriptural Tradition
    Balwant Singh Dhillon
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  • Garland Around My Neck
    Patwant Singh and Harinder Kaur Sekhon
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  • About Compilation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib
    Professor Sahib Singh
    Translated by S. Dalip Singh
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  • Walt Whitman and the Sikh Inspiration
    Puran Singh
    Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India, 1982
  • Four Quarters of the Night: the life-journey of an emigrant Sikh
    Tara Singh Bains and Hugh Johnston
    McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1995
    ISBN: 0-7735-1266-7

Human Rights and Sovereignty

  • Fighting for Faith and Nation, Dialogues with Sikh Militants
    Cynthia Keppley Mahmood
    University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 1996
    ISBN: 0-8122-3361-1
  • The Sikhs of the Punjab: Unheard voices of State and Guerilla Violence
    Joyce Pettigrew Zed Books Ltd.,
    London, 1995
    ISBN 1856493563
  • Report to the Nation: Oppression in >Punjab (This book is banned in India )
    Citizens for Democracy U.S. Edition – Sikh Religious and Educational Trust,
    Dublin, Ohio, 1986
  • Tandav of the Centaur, Sikhs and Indian Secularism
    Gurtej Singh
    Jagjit Publishing Co., Ltd., Mohali, Punjab, 1996
  • Chakravyuh – Web of Indian Secularism
    Gurtej Singh
    Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh, 2000
  • Struggle for Justice – Speeches and Conversations of Sant Jarnal Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale
    Ranbir Singh Sandhu
    Sikh Educational and Religious Foundation, Ohio, USA, 1999
  • Politics of Genocide
    Inderjit Singh Jaijee
    Ajanta Books International, New Delhi, India, 1999
  • Truth about Punjab, SGPC White Paper
    Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon
    Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Amritsar, Punjab, 1996
  • Death Squad: Anthropology of State Terror
    Jeffrey Sluka
    University of Pennsylvania Press, Pennsylvania, 1999
  • Ethnic Conflict in India: A Case Study of Punjab
    Gurharpal Singh
    Macmillan Press Ltd., London, UK, 2000
  • Who are the Guilty
    Rajni Kothari, Gobinda Mukhoty
    People’s Union for Democratic Right (PUDR) People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) New Delhi, 1984
  • The Nation’s Tortured Body: Violence, Representation, and the Formation of the Sikh Diaspora
    Brian Keith Axel
    Duke University Press, 2001
    ISBN: 082232615

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

  • Mahan Kosh (in Punjabi) – Encyclopedia of Sikh Literature
    Bhai Kahn Singh (Nabha)
    Bhasha Vibhag, Patiala, Punjab, 5 th Edition – 1990 (newer editions available)
  • The Encyclopedia of Sikhism (4 volumes)
    Editor in Chief, Harbans Singh
    Punjabi University, Patiala, 2nd edition 1995
    ISBN 81-7380-100-2
  • A Popular Dictionary of Sikhism
    W. Owen Cole & Piara Singh Sambhi
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    ISBN 0-8442-0424-2
  • The Oxford Dictionary of World Religions
    Edited by John Bowker
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    ISBN 0-19-213965-7

Coffee Table Books

  • The Golden Temple
    Patwant Singh
    ET Publishing Ltd., Hong Kong, published 1989
    ISBN 962-7375-01-2
  • Gurdwaras, In India and around the World
    Patwant Singh
    Himalayan Books, New Delhi, published 1992
    ISBN 81-70002-065-4
  • Warrior Saints, Three Centuries of Sikh Military Tradition
    Amandeep Singh Madra and Parmjit Singh
    I. B. Tauris Publishers, London, and The Sikh Foundation, San Francisco, 1999
    ISBN 1-86064-490-2
  • The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms
    Edited by Susan Stronge
    V & A Publications, 1999
    ISBN 1851772618


  • Saffron Salvation
    Simranjit Kaur
    Saffron Publications, UK 1999
    ISBN 0-9535331-07
  • Bijai Singh
    Bhai Vir Singh
    Amrit Publishing House, New Delhi 1983
    Translated by Devinder Singh Dugga
  • Satwant Kaur
    Bhai Vir Singh
    Washington Sikh Center, 1987
    Translated by Ujagar Singh Bawa
    ISBN 0-942245
  • Sundri
    Bhai Vir Singh
    Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan, 2001
    Translated by Gobind Singh Mansukhani