2010-October-Speedometer-180KThe Coalition aims to raise $500,000 before the end of 2010 to continue its cutting-edge work. If you believe the impact of this institution is valuable, please support our end of year campaign today:
To inspire community-wide giving, our core supporters have already generously committed $180,000 to kick off our end of year fundraising drive. Will you help to us meet this challenge by making a contribution today?
Do you want an organization that stands up for Sikh kids being bullied because of their Sikhi? Do you want an organization that protects Sikhs fired from their jobs? Do you want an organization that helps educate people about the beauty of Sikhi?
The Sikh Coalition works tirelessly to create a safe space for Sikhs to fearlessly practice their faith today and for generations to come.
Our work to protect Sikhi is only possible through YOUR support. Please give today: