Message from Executive Director & Board Chair Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! All of us were affected by the tragedy that took place in Oak Creek, Wisconsin earlier this year. The outpouring of support to the local Oak Creek Sangat from the Panth worldwide was in the true spirit of Sikhi. In the days, weeks and months that have followed we have come together with determination to seize this opportunity to shape a positive image of Sikhs in America. It has been a difficult time, but we know that the spirit of Chardi Kala and our strong determination will guide us in building a brighter future. 2012 has been the most productive year of the Sikh Coalition, with significant accomplishments in each of our four programmatic areas: legal, advocacy, education and community development (click here to read more). It is Dasvandh from committed activist donors that makes possible the Sikh Coalition’s high-impact community efforts. Fostering change at the national level is neither easy nor cheap. The Coalition is encouraged by our collective 2012 achievements and impact made possible by generous support from donors like you. The Sikh Coalition is a tax-exempt and Better Business Bureau accredited non-profit organization and requires your financial support to continue our trailblazing work. The breadth and impact of these programs are completely dependent upon your investment. Consider setting up a monthly recurring donation and make the fight for Sikh rights part of your Dasvandh. As always, we encourage all Sikhs to practice their faith fearlessly. Together we can keep the Khalsa strong for generations of Sikh Americans to come. Chardi Kala! Sapreet Kaur, Executive Director Narinder Singh, Board Chair Click here to view the newsletter.  (Prefer a PDF version, please click here.)