Dear Supporter,

I had the incredible opportunity to join the Sikh Coalition staff and community members to film a segment for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, which aired last night. In yet another milestone for Sikh Americans, our work broke new barriers in educating millions more citizens about the Sikh community.

To watch The Daily Show segment, click here.

Like so many of the victories that the Sikh Coalition is producing on a regular basis, this success did not happen by accident, and it did not happen overnight. This opportunity came to fruition because Comedy Central noticed the exceptional media work that the Sikh Coalition had previously done, while Daily Show Senior Correspondent Hasan Minhaj partnered with the Sikh Coalition in our White House anti-bullying work last year.

This is how to get results that impact millions of Americans. You can’t deliver successful media work that changes hearts and minds without having advocacy programs that routinely deliver substantive results on behalf of the Sikh community.

A media campaign to educate millions of Americans is only sustainable if the foundation is grounded in this work. And as an alumni member of the Junior Sikh Coalition, I’m incredibly proud to be part of this educational effort.

Our sangat’s collective financial support to the Sikh Coalition results in segments like the The Daily Show, but also the sustained opportunity to continue to reach millions of Americans and introduce them to Sikhs on new media platforms. Without your dasvand, the work of the Sikh Coalition simply cannot continue. Please consider donating today!

We hope you watch the segment and we hope that you share it on social media with your friends, colleagues and neighbors!

Chardi Kala,
Prubhjot Kaur, Current college student and Junior Sikh Coalition alum