Dear Sikh Coalition supporters,

When my 11-year-old son, Dilzafer Singh, was interviewed by W. Kamau Bell for CNN’s hit show United Shades of America, he was asked if he had considered cutting his hair upon being bullied in school.

My son looked straight into the camera and said, “No. If you knew what I know about Sikhism, you would know how lucky I am to be a Sikh.”

This is what every American should know. This is how every Sikh child should feel.

As an academic who has taught Sikhi at institutions including Harvard, I am proud of the strategies that the Sikh Coalition has employed to educate our fellow Americans. As a co-founder and donor, I am even more excited about how far we have come. The Sikh Coalition has been instrumental in ensuring that all children see Sikhs in a positive light. For example, we have worked with leading publishers to correct misinformation in school textbooks that better educate millions of students.

This educational work doesn’t end in the classroom, but instead is part of a multi-year campaign to raise Sikh awareness to Americans nationwide. Next year, when the Sikh community is featured on CNN’s hit show United Shades of America, it will be the first hour-long episode exclusively dedicated to the Sikh American story in American cable news history. This combination of sustainable grassroots education and high-impact media results is driving meaningful change, but it’s a process that takes years of support.

During the Ardas—the Sikh congregational prayer—Sikhs pray for jaha jaha Khalsa ji sahib, taha taha rachiaa riaait. In this verse, we seek protection of the Sikh identity and the values embodied by the Khalsa. The Sikh Coalition is a unique institution that has tirelessly worked to protect the Sikh identity in times of great uncertainty for the last sixteen years.

In our eventful history as a people, the Sikhs have sought rachiaa riaait by strengthening Sikh institutions with their dasvandh. It is my hope that you will help strengthen the Sikh Coalition by making a contribution so that we may continue this important work of creating a brighter future for our kids in America.

Chardi Kala,

Harpreet Singh
Co-founder and Board Member
The Sikh Coalition