Dear Sikh Coalition supporters,

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”

This quote from Voltaire resonates with me because it captures the Sikh belief in the continual responsibility we have to help others. It’s one of the central reasons I helped establish the Sikh Coalition 16 years ago and why I continue to feel a responsibility to do more now.

Since becoming the Interim Executive Director in September, I have spent each day working with a team of women and men at the Sikh Coalition that have made the responsibility of helping others their life’s work. Despite every victory that saves a job, better protects a child from bullying, or achieves justice in a hate crime, my colleagues remain unsatisfied. They obsess about “all the good we did not do” and the critical work that remains unfinished. This spirit inspires me and has deepened my appreciation for what this organization means to our community.

This year, we achieved landmark employment discrimination victories, launched a nationwide initiative to improve gurdwara security, ensured that generations of students will learn about the Sikh faith in schools and generated positive Sikh awareness through media work that is estimated to have reached over 25 million Americans. We also dramatically expanded our grassroots engagement – systematically reaching out to over 3,000 police officials, school administration leaders, media outlets and locally elected officials. Next year, we expect to expand the program to over 15,000 officials and to do even more to coordinate this work with local sangats.

We are in the midst of the most substantial addition of staff and resources in the history of the Sikh Coalition. These resources include talented, inspired and selfless leaders in areas of legal aid, education, community development, and media engagement. This expansion is designed to mirror the dramatic needs of the Sikh community at this critical juncture in the fight for civil rights.

To make this vision a reality we need a part of your dasvandh. I’m confident that with your support we will face the challenges of today and have a broader impact over the next decade than we ever thought possible when we started the Sikh Coalition. Your support and our collective efforts have led us to this pivotal moment in the story of the Sikh community in America; help us all take the next leap forward today.

Chardi Kala,

Narinder Singh
Interim Executive Director, Board Chair
The Sikh Coalition