Dear supporters in Arizona,

The Sikh Coalition needs you to take action.

The Arizona Department of Education has recently invited public feedback on their social studies standards for the first time in 12 years. Despite a growing Sikh population in Arizona, the standards currently exclude Sikhism. This means that thousands of Arizona students are likely to remain ignorant about our community and that Sikh children will remain vulnerable to bullying because of their Sikh identity.

Your input is critical, and all we need is five minutes of your time.


  • Step 1 – Go to the Arizona K-12 Standards Feedback website as soon as possible.
  • Step 2 – Complete the form.
  • Step 3 – Under “Subject for Feedback,” select “Social Studies.”
  • Step 4 – Submit a brief comment about why you believe Sikhs should be represented in Arizona’s public schools. Here is a sample comment:Sikhism is the 5th largest world religion with over 25 million followers worldwide and an estimated 500,000 in America. Please include Sikhism in standards about World Religions in 6th Grade and High School. Sikhs make vital contributions to America and Arizona and deserve to be represented in our state curriculum standards.
  • Step 5 – Click “Submit.”
    Please share this advisory with your family and friends in Arizona, and encourage them to submit comments as well. There is strength in numbers, and we need the Arizona Department of Education to know that this issue is a top priority for our community.

Thank you for your support!

Chardi Kala,

Sapreet Kaur
Executive Director
The Sikh Coalition