October 3, 2018 (New York, NY) – The Sikh Coalition hosted Raakhee Mirchandani and Navjot Kaur – authors of groundbreaking children’s books with Sikh characters – for a Facebook Live session on Tuesday, October 2nd. We discussed each author’s work, the importance of representation and the value of educational resources for parents and educators, including our new Sikhism Educators Guide and Back-to-School Toolkit.

Did you miss the live session? You can watch it in full here!

“We were thrilled to invite Navjot and Raakhee to discuss their books and our collective work to ensure that educational materials reflect the wonderful diversity of our communities,” said Sikh Coalition Education Director, Pritpal Kaur.

Raakhee Mirchandani just launched her first children’s book, Super Satya Saves the Day. She is the editor-in-chief of Moneyish.com, published by Dow Jones and is a parenting contributor at Elle. She lives in Hoboken, New Jersey and is mom to a fierce daughter, Satya, who beat cancer before she could walk. Navjot Kaur, the trailblazer behind independent publisher Saffron Press, has written three children’s books, including A Lion’s Mane and The Garden of Peace, and resides outside Toronto, Canada with her son and husband. Both authors’ books are included in our list of elementary school resources for educators.

“In writing Super Satya, I wanted to make sure our children see themselves in the books they read and know that they are both seen and celebrated,” said Raakhee Mirchandani. “I’m honored to join the Sikh Coalition as we move toward this vision.”

In May 2018, the Sikh Coalition worked with the community to secure the inclusion of Sikhism in Colorado public schools, making it the seventh state to take this groundbreaking step and is currently fighting to make Arizona the eighth state to include Sikhism in education standards. The Sikh Coalition also continues to provide free legal services for families whose children experience school bullying.

“As the Sikh Coalition works tirelessly to ensure that public school students learn about the Sikh faith accurately, Saffron Press continues to publish children’s books with diverse representation,” said Navjot Kaur. “Together, we can better inform educators about culturally relevant resources to engage our children in classrooms, which in turn can empower greater public awareness around the Sikh identity.”

Please watch and share our Facebook Live session hosted by Sikh Coalition Senior Religion Fellow Simran Jeet Singh that features both authors.

For more information about the Sikh Coalition’s Back-to-School Toolkit or to discuss opportunities about how the Sikh Coalition can support you or your community in outreach efforts to educators, please contact us at education@sikhcoalition.org.

As always, the Sikh Coalition urges you to practice your faith fearlessly.