October 13, 2021 (New York, NY) – As part of the Sikh Coalition’s never-ending work to protect your rights, we have developed a new video resource for Sikh taxi and rideshare drivers on the necessary safety precautions to take while driving and how to respond if a bias-related incident occurs.

[WATCH] Hate Crime Prevention Tips for Sikh Taxi and Rideshare Drivers

In this video, Sikh Coalition Community Development Manager Inderpreet Kaur interviews former New York City taxi driver Sukhjinder Singh Nijjar about the threats that Sikh drivers can face while working, what safety precautions they should take to protect themselves, and the resources that exist to support those who face hate incidents.

“I have witnessed firsthand the importance of following safety precautions to protect oneself from any threats that may arise while driving a taxi,” said Mr. Nijjar. “I encourage every professional driver to follow the tips in this resource, including learning from their company about the existing safety regulations and resources in place to protect drivers.”

After watching our conversation with Mr. Nijjar, we encourage you to share this resource with any friends or family you have who drive a taxi or rideshare full- or part-time. You can also review and share a text-version of our Taxi Know Your Rights resource in English and Punjabi, and request free printed postcards of this resource by emailing our team at community@sikhcoalition.org.

“There are thousands of Sikh taxi and rideshare drivers in the United States, and the profession is especially vulnerable to bias, bigotry, and backlash given its public-facing nature,” said Ms. Kaur. “Taking the necessary precautions to protect one’s safety can make a major difference in deterring violence. We urge drivers everywhere to review this video resource and share it with others in their network.”

The Sikh Coalition continues to provide free and confidential legal assistance to Sikhs who have been discriminated against or subjected to bias based upon their religious beliefs. If you or someone you know has experienced bias, bigotry, or backlash, please fill out our confidential legal intake form or call (212) 655-3095 to speak with someone in English or Punjabi.

As always, the Sikh Coalition urges you to practice your faith fearlessly.