Dear Supporter Ji,

My name is Deepjyot Kaur Sidhu, and I am proud to share that I joined the Sikh Coalition’s Education Advisory Committee (EAC) in September of this year. As an educator and as a mother of Sikh children, I’m grateful for this opportunity. The Sikh Coalition’s work is important, protective, and powerful for the entire field of education and for the lives of children and families – my own included.

Since then, I have been lucky to see the work that the Sikh Coalition does on a daily basis. I’ve also learned that this work is accomplished thanks to not only the Sikh Coalition’s staff, but also to donors like you. 

By way of background, the EAC was formed this year and comprises of Sikh educators; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion experts; community activists; and parents who bring experience and expertise in the field of education to the Sikh Coalition. My inaugural cohort includes five other members who have each done incredible work in their respective communities.

Our hope is that we can help the Sikh Coalition address the roots of hate and discrimination early through proactive and thoughtful engagement with students, parents, teachers, and administrators. This includes assisting with the continued development of the Sikh Coalition’s free resources, including the Educator’s Guide to Sikhism; lesson plans and classroom content for both elementary and middle/high school-aged students; anti-bullying content, material for libraries, article of faith accommodation letters, and more.

We also know that the Sikh Coalition’s campaign to ensure Sikh inclusion in more states’ social studies standards must push forward. Fresh off of 5 such victories in the past 12 months—bringing the total number of states to 18, or more than ⅓ of the United States—we look forward to assisting the Sikh Coalition as they mobilize more sangats and allies in different places across the nation next year.

And of course, we look forward to participating in the release of the Sikh Coalition’s major school climate report, based on their findings from the Sikh Student Survey. I am excited to see what recommendations come from the largest-known survey of U.S.-based Sikh youth regarding their experiences with bullying, classroom instruction, and more.

I am happy that I am able to be a part of this organization in this capacity that works so hard for our children and students in the years to come. All of these efforts, however, take resources—so I ask that you help me help the Sikh Coalition by donating this year. Together, we can continue to push for a generational change in Sikh awareness for the future, while making our students’ lives better in the present.

Chardi Kala,

Deepjyot Kaur Sidhu