Here are some ways you can become an e-fundraiser:

Community and Student events

Running a marathon? Organizing a talent show? You can book musicians, comedians, or other performers to stage a benefit concert, show or gala to raise awareness and funds for the Sikh Coalition. You can boost your proceeds by getting the event sponsored by local businesses, organizing a raffle and selling refreshments.

In lieu of wedding or birthday gifts

If you are getting married or have a big birthday coming up, the perfect way to celebrate is to ask for donations to ensure that discrimination and hate crimes against Sikhs end. Popular social media platforms like Facebook now encourage users to select a charity of their choice to receive donations in the user’s name. Remember to select “The Sikh Coalition” the next time Facebook prompts you to do so.

In memory of a loved one

Setting up an online fundraising page or collected donations means your family and friends can honor the memory of your loved one with a donation in lieu of flowers, or to mark the anniversary of their passing.

Local fundraising groups

Gurdwaras, community groups and student associations develop their own, unique opportunities to give. In the past, supporters organized car washes, shoe shines and other special events. The secret is to be creative and get organized!

To set up your personal fundraising page, please email us at