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As part of our ongoing work to create safer classrooms for students nationwide, the Sikh Coalition has joined with California-based research partners Dr. Kavita Kaur Atwal and Dr. Erin Knight, to conduct new groundbreaking research in order to better understand school bullying and how school climate affects Sikh students across the nation.

If you are a Sikh student between the ages of 9 and 18, participate in the survey now. If you are the parent of Sikh students in this age range or know Sikh students through your gurdwara, Khalsa school, or sangat, please facilitate their participation!

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Report Hate Using Our Online Tool

The Sikh Coalition has received a sharp uptick in complaints alleging harassment, discrimination and hate violence against Sikh Americans. We developed this reporting form called "Report Hate" to make it easier for Sikhs (and non-Sikhs) based in the United States to report these incidents, even if it they are not legally-actionable or a crime (e.g., someone uses a racial slur on the street).

All personal information reported through this form will be kept strictly confidential. If you require legal assistance and need a response from our legal team, please complete the legal intake form, also found below.

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Back to School Toolkit

This groundbreaking resource is designed to make it easy for Sikh kids and parents to engage their local educators in every area of Sikh awareness, school bullying and religious rights.

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Share Your Bullying Experience With Us

Have you ever been bullied, bullied others, or witnessed bullying? Let us know to help document our reality and present this information to city, state, and federal agencies.

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Secure Your Gurdwara

In response to concerns about increasing hate crime risk against Sikhs in the United States, the Sikh Coalition is making Gurdwara security awareness a top priority in 2017. Federal and state government agencies have developed many free resources and trainings to help places of worship, including Gurdwaras, minimize the risk of attacks.

Check out our resource guide and get in touch with our team to facilitate a free Gurdwara Security Training for your local sangat.

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Deliver a Sikh Awareness Presentation

Download free resources and learn how to deliver Sikh Awarness Presentations here. The Sikh Coalition has been leading Sikh Awareness presentations in schools, workplaces, and interfaith meetings for the last ten years. These presentations and resources are designed for a variety of age groups and audiences.

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Request Resources

The Sikh Coalition has dozens of resources for you and your sangat. Consider requesting a poster explaining hate crimes (in English and Punjabi) or educational resources for non-Sikhs visiting the gurdwara. All of our resources are free and can be found in the resource section of our website; you can also request free prints by filling out our online form or contacting resources@sikhcoalition.org with questions.

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