Resources & How to Give a High School & Adult Presentation

If you are planning on delivering a presentation to a high school class, at your workplace or an interfaith event, take a look at our presentation and talking points. Also, scroll down for additional ideas.

Presentation Talking Points

Resources & How to Give a Elementary School Presentation

This presentation and the accompanying talking points are perfect for grades 3-6. Scroll down for additional ideas for your presentation or how to present to a younger age group.

Presentation Talking Points

Additional Ideas for Sikh Awareness Presentations

In addition to the Sikh Awareness presentation, here are a few ideas that can help engage your audience.

High School Students & Adults

Ages 8-11:

Ages 4-7:

If you are delivering a presentation to a class of students below age 8, we suggest reading a book and leading a discussion with students instead of a Powerpoint presentation.

Some suggestions:

  • Read a book to the class, and extract a few key points about Sikhism to have a discussion with the kids. The books we recommend can be found by clicking here. Use the information to expand on certain aspects of Sikhi, or explain 1 or 2 major concepts in Sikhi that were not discussed in the book. For example, vand ke chakna (sharing with your fellow students, siblings, etc.) and kirt karni (always living and working in an honest way) would be good ones that are easily translatable to kids’ lives.
  • Demonstrate turban, patka, and/or braid-tying to helps dispel myths about what’s under the turban. As a Sikh student to serve as a volunteer. Sometimes the kids might feel shy about opening their hair in front of the class, which is totally understandable. In those situations, if you really want to do a demonstration, then perhaps you can bring in an outside volunteer to help.
  • Lead a question-and-answer session.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to with any questions. You may also request a trained presenter to deliver a Sikh Awareness Presentation in your child’s classroom.  If presenter is physically unavailable to attend your school, our staff can coordinate with your school to figure out how to collaborate in raising awareness about Sikhs.