High School & Adult Presentations

If you are planning on delivering a presentation to a high school class, at your workplace or an interfaith event, take a look at our presentation and talking points. Also, scroll down for additional ideas.

Presentation Talking Points

Elementary School Presentations

This presentation and the accompanying talking points are perfect for grades 3-6. Scroll down for additional ideas for your presentation or how to present to a younger age group.

Presentation Talking Points

Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month Proclamations

Sikh awareness resolutions and proclamations are an effective tool for deepening Sikh civic engagement, building relationships with elected officials, and raising Sikh awareness to the broader American public at the city, county and state levels. Vaisakhi is one of the most historically significant days of the year for Sikhs, and it provides an excellent opportunity for education during the month of April. Learn more about creating a SAAM proclamation for your community during Vaisakhi month here.

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Additional Ideas for Sikh Awareness Presentations

In addition to the Sikh Awareness presentation, here are a few ideas that can help engage your audience.

High School Students & Adults



If you require a more tailored presentation for a different age group or a specific audience (such as law enforcement), please contact us at education@sikhcoalition.org. You may also request a trained presenter to deliver a Sikh Awareness Presentation in your child’s classroom. If a presenter is physically unavailable to attend your school, our staff can coordinate with your school to figure out how to collaborate in raising awareness about Sikhs.