In 2019, California proposed a draft Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum to increase diversity education in the state. The original draft does not include the Sikh community in a meaningful way, but the content is now undergoing another review period.

It is critical that Sikh students feel safe and see themselves reflected in the classroom. That’s why the Sikh Coalition and the Jakara Movement are fighting hard to ensure that the community is not left behind during this moment of change. We have submitted recommended changes to the state education authorities; these additions will better reflect the history, culture, and contributions of Sikhs. Additionally, we have rallied more than 50 gurdwaras in the state to support this important request. However, we need your help too: If you live in California, please sign our joint petition before April 17 to make the Sikh voice heard in support of these inclusive changes.

It only takes a minute for you to add your name in support of both safer classrooms for Sikh children and a better education for all of California’s youth.