The Problem

Millions of American students know nothing about their Sikh classmates. Although Sikhs are the fifth largest religious community in the world and have contributed to American society for 125 years in the fields of civil rights, politics, agriculture, engineering, and medicine, Sikhs and their social and historical contributions are largely absent from state curriculum standards. According to Sikh students who experience bullying, ignorance breeds animosity, and one of the best ways to keep them safe is to educate their teachers and classmates about the Sikh tradition.

The Solution

The Sikh Coalition continues to partner with school officials nationwide to ensure that Sikhs are integrated into state curriculum standards. Following victories in New Jersey, Texas, New York, and California, Idaho, and Tennessee, we are currently expanding this campaign to achieve full coverage throughout the United States. We are systematically building relationships with state boards of education and identifying opportunities to improve curriculum standards. Our long-term goals are to educate millions of American students about their Sikh classmates and ensure that future generations of Sikhs will be appreciated and no longer bullied at school.


  • In schools, M Americans learn Sikhism accurately
  • It took over years to correct state standards in 6 states
  • To date, state curriculums. require work


Because of the Sikh Coalition’s persistence over several years, school officials in New Jersey and Texas have included Sikhs in their curriculum standards. This means that up to six million students in these states will have an opportunity to learn about Sikhs. The inclusion of Sikhs in the Texas standards is especially important because it has a ripple effect throughout the nation. Because Texas is the largest purchaser of textbooks in the United States, textbook publishers look to the Texas standards for guidance on content development. The textbooks of the future will not only include accurate information about Sikhs but also be sold to school districts nationwide.