Grassroots Leadership, Community Empowerment & Institution Building

All Sikhs deserve to celebrate and share their heritage. The Sikh Coalition is building the capacity of Sikh Americans to play leadership roles in all walks of life and promote the welfare of all people as required by their faith. Our goal is to continue this legacy.

The Sikh Coalition is building a national network of grassroots leaders. Our volunteers are serving the homeless; promoting interfaith solidarity; building relationships with elected officials; and working with local schools to build a Sikh-friendly environment for our future generations.

"We thank the Sikh Coalition for raising the profile of the Sikh community and educating so many Americans.”

Jagdeep Singh, California community member

In our organization's 20 years of work to empower the Sikh community, some of our work – especially projects that have taken place over discrete periods of time – is no longer ongoing. Consider reviewing some of these prior campaigns to get a sense of what we've accomplished when working together with sevadaars and sangats from coast to coast.