The Problem

California is home to the nation’s first Gurdwara and the largest Sikh American population. Sikhs have lived in the United States for more than a century, and despite making vital contributions to the life and economy of California for many generations, there is still widespread ignorance about the community and its legacy. Ignorance is a breeding ground for discrimination, and according to Sikh Coalition surveys, California Sikhs continue to experience unacceptably high rates of hate violence, employment discrimination, school bullying, and profiling.

The Solution

Thanks to the leadership of the California Sikh community, the California legislature has designated November as California Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month for the last five years. In support of this designation, the Sikh Coalition has partnered with grassroots community groups to promote awareness and appreciation of the Sikh community in cities throughout California.

  • Sikh awareness initiatives reach M Californians
  • LA Clippers host Sikh Awareness games
  • + local Sikh Awareness Resolutions and Proclamations

“We understand how important the Sikh experience is to enriching California and we’re grateful for the hard work and professionalism shown by the Sikh Coalition to make this event happen."

Jeana Duran, LA Clippers Group Event Specialist


Since 2012, the Sikh Coalition and its community partners have distributed thousands of Sikh awareness posters to schools, libraries, and community centers throughout California; delivered dozens of Sikh awareness presentations to thousands of participants at schools and government agencies; and sent anti-bullying material to nearly 70 school superintendents throughout the state. Through these efforts, we estimate that over 10 million Californians have been reached.

How You Can Help

Would you like to volunteer to organize a California Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month activity or learn more about how you can support this initiative? Please email