The Problem

Sikh youth regularly encounter hostility and ignorance at school. Apart from bullying, young men and women in the Sikh community face pressure to assimilate and abandon their Sikh identity. This is on top of the overwhelming pressure to get good grades, get into college, and build a successful career. Too often, Sikh youth do not find a sense of community at school, and the absence of a support structure can prevent them from achieving their full potential.

The Solution

The Junior Sikh Coalition is a student-led initiative designed to inspire Sikh youth, strengthen the communities to which they belong, and help them achieve their leadership potential. Members receive intensive year-long leadership training and mentorship from Sikh Coalition staff and share this knowledge with other youth to promote social justice and community.

  • consecutive years of programming
  • trained leaders
  • Sikh youth trained in anti-bullying presentations


The Junior Sikh Coalition is going strong. Over five years, 58 high school and college students from the New York City area have participated in this youth leadership program since August, 2012. Some recent accomplishments include the publication of a youth-compiled “Nirbhau Nirvair: Poetry and Art Book” (No Fear, No Enemies); presenting anti-bullying workshops to hundreds of Sikh youth annually; a partnership with the White House and New York City Department of Education on anti-bullying efforts; hosting and speaking on panels against discrimination with partner organizations; continuing engagement with other youth minorities, like the Native American Shinnecock Youth; serving free meals (langar) to New York City shelters; organizing open mic nights; and volunteering at events such as the New York City Marathon.

How You Can Help

Donate to help send Junior Sikh Coalition kids to Camp Chardi Kala and weekly workshops.

Are you the next youth leader? Apply to be a part of the next Junior Sikh Coalition.
Set up a Sikh Awareness presentation or anti-bullying workshop at your school by contacting

"The Junior Sikh Coalition prepares Sikh youth to go out into the world and make a change. Through the weekly meetings and the workshops we have led over the last two years, I have acquired skills that have enhanced my work ethic, made me more efficient, taught me leadership, but most importantly instilled in me how to be a good human being."

Prabjoot Kaur Lally, Former Junior Sikh Coalition member