The Problem

In 2018, the Sikh Coalition Ambassadors Program was relaunched as our volunteer engagement initiative to build additional grassroots leadership across sangats in the United States and to better address the diverse needs of the Sikh American community.

The Solution

Through our Ambassadors program, the Sikh Coalition has looked to identify sevadaars who can enhance the Sikh American community’s fight for civil rights through grassroots leadership. Through this program, we are able to provide more timely and pertinent services to the community, share information promptly with local sangats and also remain relevant to the community’s needs given the diverse contexts and realities of Sikh Americans throughout the country.

  • More than Ambassadors
  • different states
  • + Sikh awareness presentations and workshops


As grassroots leaders, Ambassadors work in communities across the country and serve as liaisons, resources, and extensions of the Sikh Coalition team for their local sangat. Since its original implementation in 2015 and subsequent relaunch in 2018, the Ambassadors program has allowed us to bring the resources and knowledge of the Sikh Coalition to more of the community while gleaning new insights and information regarding the needs of its members. Ambassadors have participated in seva projects, delivered anti-bullying presentations, promoted classroom resources to educators, organized youth empowerment workshops, spoken at interfaith events, hosted gurdwara open houses for their broader communities, encouraged civic engagement in their sangat, and much more!

How You Can Help

If you believe that Sikh values can support change and want to join the fight for justice and equality in your local community, please sign up to volunteer with us and become a Sikh Coalition Ambassador. Once you sign up, a member of our team will be in touch in a timely manner. Please note that we reach out to sevadaars on an as-needed basis, activating volunteers as projects materialize or needs arise.