The Problem

For 15-years, the Sikh Coalition has led the fight for Sikh civil liberties and human rights across the United States. At the heart of this mission is empowering change through courtrooms, classrooms, community, and halls of Congress. With each accumulated victory at the local, state and federal level, we are making momentous strides in changing the way Sikh Americans are viewed. Despite this progress, we understand that there is still significant work required to educate the American public and that we must do more to cede opportunities to tell positive stories about the Sikh faith, traditions and experience in America.

The Solution

The Sikh Coalition partnered with British photographers, Amit and Naroop, to develop a landmark photography exhibition that features 38 Sikh American portraits embodying the beauty, resilience and perseverance of Sikh men and women 15 years after 9/11. The exhibition was launched in New York City in September 2016 to critical acclaim and featured unique and overwhelmingly positive stories about Sikhs in America.

  • visitors to the exhibition
  • million Americans reached through news coverage
  • powerful Sikh American images


Over the course of eight days, we had nearly 6,600 visitors come through The Sikh Project exhibition. For many, it was their first experience with the Sikh American community. For others, it was a chance to learn more about the religion and community. Through our work to publicize the exhibition, we conservatively estimate that this project reached at least 20 million Americans and millions more internationally.

How You Can Help

We have witnessed the success of this exhibition in New York City and we believe that there would be enormous value in taking this exhibition across America with the goal of further educating Americans through this exciting project. The initial investment has already been made, the labor-intensive work to build the project out has been done and the institutional knowledge for how to successfully launch this project now lives within our organization. With this in mind, we firmly believe that the communications success that we saw around this initial launch could be replicated locally in cities and states across the United States and that with minimal financial support that this art exhibition could educate and impact millions of more Americans over the next few years. If you would like to learn more about how you might be able to bring The Sikh Project to your American city, please contact