Promoting Equal Employment Opportunity

All workers deserve an equal opportunity to pursue the career of their dreams. The Sikh Coalition is dedicated to ending religious discrimination in the workplace. Our goal is to ensure that Sikh Americans find success in every profession they pursue.

Federal and state laws require employers to reasonably accommodate the religious practices of employees and job applicants. When qualified Sikh Americans are shut out of careers because of their appearance, the Sikh Coalition’s legal team is committed to fighting back.

“I am grateful to the Sikh Coalition and the ACLU for demanding that Walt Disney World give me back my dignity and basic rights to practice my faith freely in the workplace. Racial or religious-based segregation has no place in our society.”

Gurdit Singh, Disney Employee

Workplace Discrimination is Against the Law

Whether it's Fortune 500 employers or government institutions, we will always defend your right to practice your faith in the workplace.