The Problem

Violence and discrimination are problems that affect all Americans. In recent years, Sikh, Muslim, Arab, Christian, and Hindu communities have all experienced increased hate incidents. In our nation’s public schools, children who wear religious head coverings – including Sikhs, Muslims, and Jews – are vulnerable to bullying. Regardless of whether a Sikh man wears a turban or a Muslim woman wears a hijab, both may face employment discrimination as job applicants. Too often, communities that experience discrimination do not share their common experiences, pool their resources, and fight these problems together.

The Solution

There is strength in numbers. In the face of common challenges, faith communities must join together in solidarity to combat bigotry. If one community is targeted today, another may be targeted tomorrow, and it is imperative that we stand up for each other. In this spirit, the Sikh Coalition is an active and enthusiastic participant in interfaith dialogue. Our goals are to not only learn about other faith traditions and create Sikh awareness, but also to find common ground to prevent and end hate crimes, school bullying, employment discrimination, and racial profiling.

  • Participated in + multireligious programs
  • Since 2019, we have held + educational presentations about Sikhi
  • Work with faith leaders & organizations /7 to create solidarity in our efforts for justice


Over the years, the Sikh Coalition has partnered with interfaith organizations and participated in interfaith gatherings to promote mutual appreciation and understanding among diverse communities. For example, the Sikh Coalition and its representatives have recently participated in several interfaith initiatives organized by local and national organizations such as New York City Commission on Human Rights, Habitat for Humanity, and Los Angeles Mayor’s Interfaith Collective. We continue to partner with eminent institutions such as the Parliament of the World’s Religions, Auburn Theological Seminary, and the Presbyterian Church to deliver interfaith programming.

How You Can Help

Organize a Sikh Awareness Presentation