Elevating Sikh American Triumphs, Challenges, and Perspectives

Despite being an integral part of the U.S. social fabric for more than 125 years, Sikhs remain underrepresented in our national discourse. The Sikh Coalition seeks to craft and drive the narrative around the Sikh American experience. Our goal is to ensure responsible and respectful coverage of our community and the stories we care about.

Whether it’s through full-length features or responses to late-breaking news, the Sikh voice needs to be a part of the national conversation. The Sikh Coalition’s media and communications team remains a 24/7 resource for journalists looking to cover Sikh perspectives--and sangat members who want to engage the media.

"We sincerely appreciate the Sikh Coalition's expertise in activating the media. With their assistance, we took the opportunity from a terrible tragedy to create greater awareness. Moreover, I am personally grateful for their one-on-one coaching prior to my live interview, which helped me feel better prepared to represent our community."

Gurpaul Singh, Director of Community Outreach and Media Relations at Sikh Dharamsal in San Antonio, TX