Aasees Kaur joined the Sikh Coalition as a Community Development Manager in September 2017. In this role, she is responsible for increasing community engagement efforts, developing partnerships, and addressing the needs of the Sikh community by administering organizational programs. In this job, she works towards sustainable change through policy reforms and community empowerment.

Inspired by the tenets of selfless service and social activism found in Sikhi, she has connected with government officials at all levels to advocate for Sikh civil rights, gender equity, and refugee and immigrant rights. She has successfully led anti-bullying efforts that have made schools safer for thousands of children in Georgia and has played a key role in raising bullying awareness at the national level. As a spokesperson, Aasees has also been featured in multiple print, television, and radio interviews. Outside her public policy work, Aasees dedicates her time every year organizing Sikh youth camps and teaching Sikh youth across the country. She enjoys hiking, trying new desserts, and traveling in her free time.

Aasees began collaborating with the Sikh Coalition in 2012, is an alumnus of the the Sikh Coalition’s Sikh Advocate Academy, and also served as a Community Development Fellow at the Sikh Coalition. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Policy & Management from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.