Dr. Inderpal Singh was born and raised in India, coming to America with his parents at the age of fourteen. Here he flourished in school, eventually heading to college and majoring in Family Medicine after which he completed his residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center. In his free time, Dr. Singh acted on a lifelong love for community service and organized free health fairs at the local gurdwara. Upon completion of his residency, Inderpal moved to Atlanta and started working for a hospital, while also working to establish the First Aid Health Center, a total charity health clinic, at the local gurdwara. Through this clinic, Inderpal was able to educate locals of all backgrounds about the Sikh religion and traditions. Due to its success, Inderpal and his fellow volunteers were invited to organize and conduct health fairs and clinics throughout the state of Georgia. On top of all of this, he is involved in several local organizations, including the Hemkunt Foundation and the Georgia Health Partnership, as well as numerous food drives for homeless shelters in the Atlanta area.