Giselle Klapper currently serves as the Sikh Coalition’s Legal Director. has served as the Sikh Coalition’s Interim Legal Director since January 2024. She originally joined the organization as a Legal Fellow in October 2017 before being hired full time as a Staff Attorney, and was previously promoted to Senior Staff Attorney, Deputy Legal Director, and Interim Legal Director.

As Legal Director, Giselle focuses on high-impact litigation and oversees all our legal work while managing initiatives to protect the civil rights of all, in areas such as hate crimes, workplace discrimination, school bullying, racial and religious profiling, and general civil rights issues. Giselle leads the Sikh Coalition’s work to combat employment discrimination in the U.S. military; she is the primary attorney on our current landmark case against the U.S. Marine Corps, and represented the organization in multiple media interviews, including two exclusive New York Times pieces, on the case. Giselle has also represented the Sikh Coalition at multiple conferences and panels across the country.

As a trained international human rights lawyer, Giselle previously worked as an Associate at the Law Firm of Tina Foster, where she focused on civil rights and international human rights issues. Previously, she worked at the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Kosovo, focusing on the human rights issues raised by the controversial Law on Amnesty as part of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue. Giselle also previously worked at Human Rights Watch in Belgium on the case against former Chadian dictator Hissene Habre for his regime’s crimes against humanity, war crimes, and torture.

Giselle holds an LL.M. from Cornell Law School, where she received a full academic scholarship. She also holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Master’s Degree in International Human Rights Law from the Sorbonne Law School in Paris, France. Giselle is French and American.