Maggie Lloyd joined the Sikh Coalition’s staff as Finance & Systems Manager in April 2017. In this role, she manages the day to day financial operations of the office, spearheads logistics for the Sikh Project, and ensures that the Sikh Coalition’s use of technology evolves with innovation and efficiency.

Maggie graduated with honors from Carleton College in 2016, where she studied Religion with a concentration in South Asian Studies. Maggie’s academic work on the American Sikh community culminated with her thesis on Sikh experiences navigating prejudice and identity in post-9/11 America. She was thrilled to put her academic background to work in 2016 as the Sikh Coalition’s Education Fellow. During her fellowship, she researched a strategic plan for the Sikh Coalition to increase accurate representations of Sikhism in public school curricula nationwide.

Born and raised in rural Geneseo, NY, Maggie now lives in Brooklyn. She enjoys storytelling in all its forms, and spends much of her free time listening to podcasts, reading and writing fiction, and walking and talking with friends and family.