As a Sikh Coalition co-founder and current Executive Board Chairman responsible for providing leadership support to the organization, Narinder also briefly served as the Sikh Coalition Interim Executive Director when the organization successfully ushered in new leadership in February, 2018.  

In other areas of Sikh community engagement, Narinder has been actively involved in the Sikh community for years through various initiatives focused on combating hate crimes, community empowerment and personal and professional development programs, like children’s summer camps, retreats and conferences for young adults.

Narinder is also a technology entrepreneur and is currently focused on utilizing artificial intelligence to improve healthcare delivery and decision making.  Previously Narinder co-founded Appirio, led strategy, marketing and its Topcoder business, and served on its Board of Directors until the acquisition of the company by Wipro in late 2016.  

Narinder’s leadership in Sikh civil rights and business has been recognized in several national news outlets, including the New York Times, CNN, and The Daily Show. During this time, he has also presented at the World Economic Forum and testified before the House Science Committee on Innovation.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University, an MBA from the Wharton School and a Masters in Translational Medicine from UCSF and Berkeley. In his free time, Narinder enjoys learning about medicine, reading books his wife recommends and sweating away stress through trips to the gym.