Navjot Kaur is currently pursuing a graduate degree at Columbia University’s School of Social Work with an emphasis on social services for minority immigrant communities. She has volunteered with numerous Sikh congregations throughout New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Florida, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. In addition, Navjot is actively involved in the Sikh youth community as a member of the International Institute of Gurmat Studies (IIGS), through which she has served as a Sikh camp counselor in Thailand, Florida, California and New Jersey. She is one of the founders of United Sikhs in Service of America (, a grassroots organization based in New York that works to educate and develop underprivileged minority communites everywhere. Upon its founding, Navjot led the development of three of the organization’s most significant program areas: teaching English as a second language (ESL), fighting to eliminate domestic violence, and working to gain health care access for the underprivileged.