Nimarta Kaur joined the Sikh Coalition in fall 2021 as a Media and Communications Fellow. In this role, she supports a high-impact communications team that contributes to nearly every facet of the Sikh Coalition’s work and drives groundbreaking media results on behalf of Sikhs in America. Her work includes supporting the organization’s messaging strategy, pitching traditional media outlets, and developing original storytelling content.

Nimarta is extremely passionate about representation and inclusion in all facets of storytelling — whether through film, journalism, or advocacy. Nimarta is well aware of the importance of nuance from a very young age. She always strives to find ways to incorporate and embrace all aspects of her identity without trying to be placed in a box. This is one of the reasons why representation and messaging in the media matters to her as she knows there are so many nuances and depths of the Sikhi experiences that are not visible and therefore can be unfairly misjudged and misunderstood.