Dr. Rucha Kaur joined the Sikh Coalition in January 2018 as the Community Development Director. In this role, she manages a team that is building and empowering a national network of grassroots leaders to promote interfaith solidarity, defend civil rights and raise Sikh awareness.

Prior to coming to the Sikh Coalition, Rucha served as the Associate Director at United Sikhs. In that role, she led the organization’s public health programs designed to reduce health disparities in the Sikh community through culturally tailored interventions that focus on prevention. Her expertise lies in taking evidence-based strategies and making them culturally relevant for communities in which they are implemented. She continues to serve as a Steering Committee member of the New York State Oral Health Coalition and remains an expert on how policies like the Affordable Care Act impact the the Sikh community.

Rucha holds a Masters Degree in Development Communication from Gujarat University and a Doctoral Degree in Communication Studies from Bowling Green State University. Outside of work, Rucha remains dedicated to volunteering her time to causes that promote equality and justice for all while being an avid reader, podcast listener and coffee lover.