Mr. Zoravar S. Dhaliwal is a Managing Director at Osaka Capital and is responsible for leading the firm’s research and sustainable investment advisory work. He is also the Managing Editor of IDEA – Investment, Development & Economics in Africa, a blog that seeks to empower entrepreneurs and business leaders in Africa with resources, including research, tools, and access to networks.

Prior to joining Osaka Capital, Mr. Dhaliwal was the co-founder and CEO of Community Lab, a nonprofit based in New York City that partners with The Earth Institute at Columbia University to advise governments and organizations on Sustainable International Development. Mr. Dhaliwal began his career in Management Consulting at Accenture in Toronto, and later worked in Investment Banking and Private Equity at Merrill Lynch, UBS and Trinorth Capital.

Mr. Dhaliwal is an active member of the Sikh community and is driven by a passion to support the next generation of young leaders. While living in Toronto, Mr. Dhaliwal led the Toronto Sikh Professionals, the largest network in North America dedicated to connecting Sikh Professionals. He was also the Deputy Chair of the Sikh Centennial Gala in 2006 and spearheaded the Guru Gobind Singh Children’s Foundation youth leadership workshop in 2005. More recently, he co-led Sikhcessful in 2009, which connected over 75 Sikh students and professionals in New York City to discuss leadership and career opportunities. Mr. Dhaliwal currently serves on the Sikh Coalition’s Advisory Board providing strategic insight in several areas including the Community Organizing program and fund development. Mr. Dhaliwal is also a Senior Advisor to the International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination (ICAAD).

Mr. Dhaliwal received a Bachelors of Commerce in Operations Management from the University of Alberta and a Masters of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, where he served as student body President.