Key Takeaways

Accomplishments in 2013

* Achieved victory in our campaign to have the FBI track hate crimes * Launched FlyRights 2.0 * Organized Day of Seva events on the first anniversary of the Oak Creek tragedy * First Sikh to be invited to offer prayer at a Presidential inaugural service

A Message from the Executive Director and Board Chair

"2013 has been an unbelievably productive year for the Sikh Coalition, with significant accomplishments in each of our four programmatic areas: legal, advocacy, education and community development . . . The Sikh Coalition is encouraged by our collective 2013 achievements and impact made possible by generous support from donors like you." To read more, please download our report.

Sikh Awareness Resources

Our report highlights several of the many free resources we provide for Sikhs to use in their efforts to spread awareness and create appreciation for Sikhs in their local communities. Through these educational efforts, we hope to see a reduction in bias and discrimination against our community.

The Sikh Coalition had many accomplishments in 2013, thanks to the support of our community. Our work spanned from launching our FlyRights 2.0 app, continuing our work with the Junior Sikh Coalition, successfully ensuring the FBI tracks hate crimes against Sikhs, publishing our third report in five years on school bullying in New York City, and much more.

To read our report, please visit: