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Download & Share the Toolkit

This toolkit includes information on preventing arson attacks, responding to active shooter emergencies, and checklists for strengthening gurdwara security.

Host a Free Gurdwara Security Training

Please call us at (212) 655-3095 or send an email to to organize a free training on gurdwara security and other Sikh civil rights issues for your local sangat.

Learn About Gurdwara Security Grants

Some gurdwaras may be eligible to receive government grants to improve their physical security. We are happy to work with you to discuss eligibility requirements.

In response to concerns about increasing hate crime risk against Sikhs in the United States, the Sikh Coalition is making gurdwara security awareness a top priority in 2017. Federal and state government agencies have developed many free resources and trainings to help places of worship, including gurdwaras, minimize the risk of attacks.

If you would like the Sikh Coalition to facilitate a free Gurdwara Security Training for your local sangat – or if you would like us to organize free trainings on other issues – such as immigration, promoting Sikh awareness, or empowering our children to defend themselves against school bullying – please call us at (212) 655-3095 or send an email to

For your convenience, we have enclosed the following informational resources (please click download above):

  • Protecting Houses of Worship Against Arson – Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Potential Indicators, Common Vulnerabilities, and Protective Measures: Houses of Worship – Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • How to Respond When An Active Shooter is In Your Vicinity – Department of Homeland Security (DHS/Punjabi)

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also offers free security consulting through its Protective Service Advisor Program. Consultants can visit your gurdwara and provide advice for improving security, such as installing alarm systems and video cameras, improving locks and lighting, and creating an emergency response plan. Some gurdwaras may also be eligible for federal grants to improve their physical security. Before contacting DHS about this program, please note that this agency is responsible for immigration enforcement. Although government officials have assured us that their security consultants do not collect or share information that could lead to immigration raids and deportation orders, we cannot know for certain whether this is true. We encourage you to keep this in mind when considering whether this program is right for your sangat.

During the last few months, dozens of Jewish synagogues and Muslim mosques have been subjected to threats, vandalism, and even arson attacks. Anti-immigrant feelings are being promoted by American politicians. Many Americans still cannot distinguish between Sikhs and terrorists affiliated with ISIS or Al Qaeda. In this climate, our community needs to protect its gurdwaras from attack and avoid a repeat of the deadly attack on the Oak Creek Gurdwara in 2012 that took the lives of six Sikhs in Wisconsin and permanently injured several more. From the times of our Gurus to the present, Sikhs have a long tradition of defending our gurdwaras against attack, and we look forward to working with you to continue this important tradition.