Key Takeaways


Data from the Sikh Student Survey informs conclusions about the different rates of bullying by peers and staff experienced by Sikh youth, how Sikh youth think about bullying and microaggressions, the relationship between bullying and student mental health, the value of inclusive school policies, and more.


WAYRF includes more than 50 recommendations for federal and state officials, state and local education officials, and school administrators and educators that focus on addressing bias-based bullying, inclusive policies and curricula, data collection, and student mental health.


Sikh parents can find a wealth of information in WAYRF, including an updated step-by-step guide on what to do if their child is experiencing bullying—and how the Sikh Coalition can help.

From February through March of 2023, more than 2,000 U.S.-based Sikh students ages 9 to 18 completed the Sikh Student Survey. The survey asked questions about bullying, their interactions with both peers and staff, their knowledge of bullying reporting procedures, the microaggressions they face, and whether the classroom policies and conversations allow them to not just practice their faith freely, but share and celebrate it.

After analyzing this survey data, the Sikh Coalition—along with our California-based academic colleagues, research partner Dr. Kavita Kaur Atwal and research consultant Dr. Erin Knight—emerged with a comprehensive and current sense of school climate for Sikh youth across the country. We have always known that our youth experience alarming rates of bullying; now, we have the data to show the depth of the problem—and to inform a wide range of solutions that we can strive to achieve together.