Key Takeaways

Accomplishments in 2014

* Protecting victims of hate crimes through legal action * Correcting information on Sikhism in textbooks used through Texas public schools * Working to end bullying of Sikh students across the country * Launching our campaign to end discrimination in the Military

A Message from the Executive Director and Board Chair

"The Sikh Coalition is in the business of working tirelessly on behalf of the community, while protecting your rights in the classroom, the workplace, and the courtroom every step of the way. Some victories happen quickly, other areas of our advocacy require long-term investments, but there is not a more professional and effective organization in the country working on the issues you care about most. We hope that our results speak volumes about the organization you are helping to build." To read more, please download our report.

Meet New Staff Members

In 2014, we added 5 new members to our team, including our Senior Director, Media & Communications and our Legal and Social Justice Fellows. Read our report for more information on the new faces of the Sikh Coalition.

The Sikh Coalition had many accomplishments in 2014, thanks to the support of our community. Our work spanned from continuing our legal work with victims of hate crimes and taking action against bullying, to the launching of our campaign to end religious discrimination in the U.S. Military.
To read our report, please visit: