Key Takeaways

A Message from the Executive Director and Board Chair

Where you choose to invest must always be informed by the results you see on this investment. This year, as we reflect on our 15th anniversary and our impact in working towards the realization of civil and human rights for all, we remain dependent on your support to maintain our momentum. You are building an institution that is empowering change through our courtrooms, classrooms, Congress and the community.

Accomplishments in 2015

Victory in employment discrimination case * Combatting hate through individual cases * Working to end bullying against Sikh students * Working to end religious discrimination in the Military * Increasing our media coverage and so much more.

Meet New Staff & Board Members

2016 saw the addition of 3 new staff members & fellow and 2 new board members. Read our report for more information on the new faces of the Sikh Coalition.

While our challenges remain great, our progress in 2016 is considerable. This year, we entered a landmark settlement with one of the country’s largest trucking companies to stop targeted discrimination, launched a photography exhibition that educated over 20 million Americans, ensured the accurate inclusion of Sikh history in California school curriculums, and combated profiling, discrimination and hate violence in cases that impacted Sikh communities across the nation.