Key Takeaways

A message from our Interim Executive Director

It is critical that we have the spirit and talent to face the mounting challenges and use our Sikh values to guide our actions. Principles like chardi kala (eternal optimism), sarbat da bhala (blessings for everyone), and dasvandh (giving ten percent of one’s resources to charitable work) give us the ability to be a vessel of change for not just Sikhs but all people. We educate the world about the character of who Sikhs are by fighting for more than just ourselves

Accomplishments of 2017

Sikhi included in 2 more states * Combatting hate through advocacy* Gurdwaras better protected through security initiative * Working to end religious discrimination in the Military * Increasing our media coverage and so much more.

Meet new staff and board members!

2016 saw the addition of 8 new staff members & fellow and 1 new board member. Read our report for more information on the new faces of the Sikh Coalition.

In 2017, while we said goodbye to a few excellent colleagues, we added the kind of amazing people needed for the
continuation and expansion of our high-impact work. With this team the Sikh Coalition shared #RememberOakCreek that reached millions, launched a nationwide initiative to improve gurdwara security and ensured that generations of students will learn about the Sikh faith and community in schools in Tennessee and Idaho. We also continued to combat the rise of hate crime in the United States while securing significant victories in our employment discrimination work, including dramatically improved standards for Sikhs and other religious minorities who seek to serve in the U.S. Army.