Key Takeaways

A message from our Executive Director

In January, Satjeet transitioned into the Executive Director position after nearly eight years of working on every facet of the Sikh Coalition’s work. Narinder continues to lead the board as our Executive Chair. More than ever, we are investing in community engagement because we know our achievements are a direct result of each community member’s man (mind), tan (body) and dhan (material service), and we sincerely thank all of you. Principles like chardi kala (eternal optimism), sarbat da bhalla (welfare of everyone), and dasvandh (giving ten percent of one’s resources to charitable work) give us the ability to be a vessel for change. We educate the American public about the character of who Sikhs are by fighting for more than just ourselves.

Accomplishments of 2018

Sikhi included in 2 more states * 200+ legal intakes * 1900+ news hits in US media * 8 million Americans reached through Vaisakhi awareness * 28 Day of Seva projects and so much more.

Meet new staff!

While we welcomed existing staff members into new roles, including promoting Satjeet Kaur to Executive Director, we also grew our team by hiring several new staff members. The goal behind this expansion is to be significantly better equipped to take on the challenges and opportunities that this work presents. Read our report for more information on the new faces of the Sikh Coalition.

While our challenges as a community remain great, we stayed focused on the opportunities to make a significant impact in 2018. This year, we increased our team’s capacity with new hires, supported CNN’s Emmy Award-winning United Shades of America episode, managed over 200 free legal intakes, and successfully updated educational standards in Colorado and Arizona that include Sikhism for the first time ever. These are just a few of our accomplishments this year